How Can the Air Fryer Change the Way You Cook    

Naturally, you always love to cook for your loved ones. Meanwhile, you must also consider the things you use in preparing for a great cooking experience. There are several cooking pieces of equipment that you can see in the market. One of these cooking materials is air fryer. Are you curious about how air fryer can change the way you cook? Then, this article is for you.

Air fryers’ popularity continues to rise nowadays because of its healthy and unique way of cooking your favorite foods. It is said that the cooking tool can reduce the fat content of famous foods such as chicken wings, French fries, fish sticks as well as empanadas. Are you not convinced yet? Then, the following are the benefits of air fryer to your cooking habit.

How Does Air Fryer work?

Air fryers are now one of the most in-demand kitchen appliances in the market today. It is also believed that using air fryer in cooking your favorite foods is healthier.

    Air fryer helps cut the fat content

Fried foods have higher levels of fat compared to other foods using another cooking process. A fried chicken breast contains around 30% more fat than an equal amount of roasted chicken. Fortunately, cooking with air fryer can cut the fat content of your fried foods up to 75%.

Thus, air fryer needs less fat compared to traditional deep fryers. For example, some recipe on deep-fried foods can consume up to 3 cups of oil, while, air-fried foods only take 1 tablespoon. It does suggest that deep fryers can consume oil more than 50 times compared to air fryers. Too much fat on your foods is not good for your health. With the use of air fryer, the fat content of your foods can be reduced for a healthy eating experience.

    Air fryers reduce the formation of harmful compounds

Frying foods can form harmful compounds like acrylamide. The acrylamide is a compound that can be produced in foods rich in carbohydrates during the high-heat cooking process like frying. Studies revealed that acrylamide is considered a probable carcinogen which is associated with cancer development. This compound can also lead to developing endometrial, kidney as well as ovarian cancers.

The best about air fryer is that it can reduce the acrylamide content in fried foods. Some studies show that it can reduce the harmful compound of about 90% than the traditional deep-frying. Meanwhile, you must also remember that other harmful compounds can still be formed in air-frying. These compounds include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines, and aldehydes.

    The air fryer can help for weight loss

Deep-fried foods contain higher fat and calories level, which can make you gain weight. Research studies revealed that high consumption of fried foods leads to obesity. If you love fried foods, but don’t want to gain weight, air fryer is the best solution. 

Air-fried foods have lower fat content than deep-fried foods. So, if you want to maintain healthy body weight while enjoying fried foods, air fryer is the best cooking appliance for you. It can promote weight loss by reducing your calorie and fat intake.

To sum it up, air-fried foods are healthier than deep-fried foods. However, you must remember that too much consumption of fried foods, whether it is deep-fried or air-fried, can still hurt your health. It can result in high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, as well as other types of cancer.

The air fryer can reduce the number of calories and fat on your foods. Additionally, it can also reduce the formation of harmful compounds in food. If you want a healthier way of cooking, then air fryer is the best for you!

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