Analyzing Computer Monitor Reviews to Find the Right One!

With so many types of PC monitors in so many different shapes, sizes, and with various unique features – picking between them can often seem close to impossible. Needless to say, many people opt to read monitor reviews in an attempt to distinguish between one computer monitor and another – but unless you know what you’re looking for that can often be a futile approach.

Here and now you’re going to find out exactly how to analyze computer monitor reviews to find what you’re looking for!

Choose the Right Type of Computer Monitor Reviews

Honestly there are some monitor reviews that aren’t worth reading as they don’t give out much information at all. Generally speaking though, the two types of reviews you will want to pay attention to for PC monitors are:

  • Customer reviews – to find out exactly what customers experienced when they bought the monitor and figure out whether or not there are any issues you need to worry about.
  • Expert reviews – to really find out the specifications of the PC monitors and how it could affect you in practical terms.

Needless to say, there are various websites that offer these. Go to popular computer monitor websites for the customer reviews (they usually have a section for them) and head over to tech news sites and blogs for the expert reviews.

Read Between the Lines of Computer Monitor Reviews

Sometimes you need to appreciate that computer monitor reviews aren’t exactly upfront. Certain terms are often thrown around that can be misleading – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the lingo being used by PC monitors nowadays.

For example: Dynamic contrast ratio is not the same as regular contrast ratio. Normally, its value is a lot higher by default simply because it is measured differently and uses different technology. Therefore PC monitors with high dynamic contrast ratio are not necessarily as good as monitors with decent regular contrast ratio!

See how the subtle difference in those two terms could dramatically alter the meaning behind computer monitor reviews?

Needless to say, you aren’t going to be able to turn yourself into an expert on monitors overnight, but if you pay close attention to the wording of expert reviews you should be able to spot certain phrases that you might want to look up.

In general though, monitor reviews by regular people don’t use so much jargon – so you might want to read more of them and rely on the opinions of regular Joe’s who you’ll probably understand a whole lot better!

All said and done, to analyze computer monitor reviews is something that takes time and patience. Keep looking up various reviews and don’t rush yourself into a decision. The more reviews you read, the more you’ll get used to analyzing them and figuring out exactly what they’re saying about the PC monitors you’re interested in!